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BlackBerry Bold 9800 touchscreen phone physical keyboard. Along with the Apple iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8, the Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Providing all we love about Blackberry, and combining it with a sublime touchscreen, it’s a formidable package. How much is it likely to cost though? Join us after the cut to find out…

The new BlackBerry Bold 9800, one of RIM’s next smartphone will be launched in the second half of the year. The BlackBerry Bold 9800, besides being equipped with the new BlackBerry OS 6.0, is characterized by the presence of a touchscreen and a full sliding QWERTY physical keyboard.

Out of all the handsets set to be released this year, the Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider is one of the devices we’re the most excited about. With an excellent QWERTY keypad in place, it’ll be just as good as existing Blackberry models when it comes to email use, yet you’ll also find a large touchscreen display in place.BlackBerry Bold 9800 Large touchscreen handsets

Everything you need to know about the Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider

As always, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get the Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider for free, with the price of the handset subsidised by a network carrier. However, if you do that, it’s also likely that you’ll be stuck on a 24-month contract – at least initially – paying a hefty premium.

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If you don’t use the phone that much, it may make better financial sense to buy your Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider on a SIM free package. This will cost you more initially – the Apple iPhone is currently on sale at £499 SIM free, and although the Blackberry Bold 9800 slider is likely to be cheaper it gives a good indication of how expensive these handsets can be.BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider smartphone pictures

However, factor that cost over a period of time – such as 24 months – and things start to look a lot cheaper. If you opt for a budget Pay as You Go SIM card, or a cheap contract, it could work out much cheaper than signing a contract – with the added benefit of being able to buy a new phone whenever you want.

How much will you pay for the Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider? Should it be a lot cheaper than the Apple iPhone 4? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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