Apple confirms Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 launch

Apple Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 Smartphone photo

Apple has confirmed that it will be launching the next generation of its two major software platforms, Mac OS X and iOS, on Monday - and promises a long-rumoured bonus, too. The company will kick off its World Wide Developer Conference on Monday with a keynote speech from chief executive Steve Jobs, who will be rolling out the red carpet for the entrance of iOS 5 - the company's next-generation mobile platform. Rumoured features include Android-style homescreen widgets, improved voice … [Read more...]

Download Top 10 Free Android Apps for your Smartphone

Top 10 Free Android Apps For Your Mobile Phone. Download Top 10 Free Android Apps for your lovely smartphone. If you’ve got an Android mobile phone such as the Nexus One, here are the all important apps you should take a look at… My first Android powered mobile phone was the T-Mobile G1. Gosh I loved it. With its love or hate plastic build, easy to use functional QWERTY keyboard and all the social networking tools I could shake a stick at Android powered phones were definitely for me. … [Read more...]

Google Android Gingerbread Update Improved User Interface

Google Android Gingerbread Update Promises Improved User Interface. The original user interface of Android 1.0, it offers a stark contrast to Google’s latest and greatest: Android 2.2 (Froyo) update. With the constant rate of Android development going on at Google HQ, you’d be forgiven for not realising how many devices are still running the older versions of Android, with Google’s latest figures showing 50% of Android users still using either Android 1.5 or 1.6. Many manufacturers … [Read more...]