Upcoming World’s Thinnest NEC Medias Smartphone

Upcoming World’s Thinnest NEC Medias Smartphone photo

NEC Claims World’s Thinnest Smartphone Title with Medias Smartphone today. Technology continues to increase in terms of hardware and design at a blinding pace. One of the biggest selling points of many of today’s device is how thin and portable they are. Apple once claimed the ‘World’s Thinnest Smartphone’ title with the iPhone 4 but was quickly overrun by competitors. Now, it seems that NEC is looking to get down on the fun with the NEC Medias. This smartphone is what they are … [Read more...]

New Apple Mac Mini Update in June 2010

New Apple Mac Mini Update

New Apple Mac Mini Update in June 2010. The new Mini’s exterior is comprised of a unibody aluminium shell. HDMI port allowing you to hook the Mini up to your TV. find New Apple Mac Mini Update new features now. With all of the iPhone 4 news going on, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that the Mac Mini has also seen an overhaul. Unlike previous updates, the New Apple Mac Mini has seen not only a bump in specs, but also a complete redesign. The new Mini’s exterior is comprised of a … [Read more...]

Best Buy to Offer Apple iPhone 4 for Pre-Sales in USA

Best Buy to Offer iPhone 4 Pre-Sales June 15. The iPhone 4 doesn't go on sale until June 24, but starting tomorrow Best Buy will let customers place pre-orders. Electronics retailer Best Buy has confirmed that it will be offering the Apple iPhone 4 for sale when the device officially launches on June 24, which gives eager customers an option other than standing in line at Apple and AT&T retail outlets. However, it will also be offering pre-sales of the iPhone 4 starting June 15. … [Read more...]

AT&T Apple iPhone 4 USA: How to get a discount?

Apple iPhone 4: Many AT&T Subscribers Qualify for Discounts, Some Don't. Steve Jobs says the Apple iPhone 4 will start at $200, but the only ones who will get this highly anticipated smartphone for that price are new AT&T subscribers, or those who have earned a subsidy from the carrier. For everyone else, the price is much higher. This leaves many AT&T customers asking, do I qualify for a discount? Customers who haven't bought a subsidized phone in two years (24 months) qualify … [Read more...]