Upcoming World’s Thinnest NEC Medias Smartphone

Upcoming World’s Thinnest NEC Medias Smartphone photoNEC Claims World’s Thinnest Smartphone Title with Medias Smartphone today. Technology continues to increase in terms of hardware and design at a blinding pace. One of the biggest selling points of many of today’s device is how thin and portable they are. Apple once claimed the ‘World’s Thinnest Smartphone’ title with the iPhone 4 but was quickly overrun by competitors. Now, it seems that NEC is looking to get down on the fun with the NEC Medias.

This smartphone is what they are claiming to be the thinnest clocking in at just 7.7mm. Operating system wise we’re looking at Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2 and on the hardware from the device is to feature a 4-inch LCD display with 854 x 480 resolution, 800MHz processor, 5.1 megapixel camera, digital TV tuner and e-wallet function. Seeing how the digital TV tuner and e-wallet functionality would be useless here in the states, we’re going to assume that it won’t be making its way out of Japan anytime soon.

Seeing how this is technically a rumor we’d say not to get your hopes up too high until NEC comes forth to officially announce the device which is expected to be this Thursday.


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